Metal The Store


MTS is the retail brick and mortar for artist Metal The Brand where he sells and showcases art and apparel. The store also hosts bands and artist showcases during the year. Inside the store there is a 100 sq ft art install of Metal The Swamp. It has a play ball pit. The pit is not filled with balls, it is filled with molded maggots. Metal The Swamp also has the Forgiving Tree–A tree with vines that gives free stickers. It’s not frowned upon to come to MTS, get stickers and leave. Come baptize yourself in decay in hopes the maggots will eat away ones toxicity and infection.


Weds – Sat  ::  11a – 6:30p
Sun :: 12 – 5p
For events, store hours will remain the same but will most likely be extended.


If you are a band or manage one and would like to play at Metal The Store. Email with “MTS EVENT REQUEST” in the subject bar. If an event promoter, layout your vision of the event and it will be considered.

Bands have two options when playing in MTS. 1. WEB / CONTENT PERFORMANCE. Artist will play two songs for Metal The Channel. Audience for this is optional. 2. FULL SET for an evening performance. Ticket’s will be sold and limited to 30 people.

Performances are stripped down (no drums or if drums not many) acoustic and progressive metal bands with drum machines preferred. PA will be provided. 2 x JBL 15 inch speakers with tweeters and 20 channel Mackie board. Shure SM-58’s and Shure SM-BETA57.

Event organizers or Artists looking for showcase. Send an email with date options and vision and it will be considered.


Metal The Store is located at Active Space 5 at the El Vado Motel 2500 Central Ave SW. MTS is apart of #newoldtown, a collection of boutiques and food pods around the El Vado Taproom, which carries Ponderosa Brewing beverages, 22 motel rooms with an amazing pool!

The El Vado Motel is located across from the Albuquerque Bio Park and east of the Bio Park / New York Ave ART stop. See more information about public transit here

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