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Well, kids, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Metal The Store grand opening party is set for Friday February 9 at 8 p.m. MTS is located at 2500 Central Ave SW across from the Albuquerque Bio Park and Aquarium in the newly renovated and historic El Vado Montel.


‘m not going to play down what this is and it is nothing less than a wonder. What’s been made by friends and I is not just a place to buy cool stuff, it’s a place i never thought possible. It’s a boundless love story. It’s an epic adventure. I hope you’ll gather with us as a friend in celebration of magic.
I’m humbled and thankful for this success but it’s not really mine, it’s yours. Albuquerque community, thank you for believing in me and wanting what’s to be birthed. I wouldn’t be doing this if it were not for you.
Yes, there is an art installation of a swamp with a tree (the Forgiving Tree) and maggot pit for bathing. The pit is for anyone looking to baptize themselves from infectious negative attitudes.
Free finger food. Free beer and root beer from Tractor Brewing – Wells Park (thank you, homies). Don’t be a dick and respect the property.
Mayor of Albuquerque and metal music mega fan Tim Keller will be saying a few words to praise the grand opening at 8:30.
MEL LOPEZ (EL Paso, TX) is my first showcased artist. She’ll have exclusive apparel and the first 60 people to show up get a free pack of gold foil kitty stickers. For everyone else, don’t freak, there will be heaps of free, small gold foil kitty stickers on the Forgiving Tree, which is part of the swamp art installation. The gold foil kitties are only avail that night. After, they will replaced with lavender colored kitties.
Zoe Olee is a rad Sandia High School artist. She’s debuting a limited 30 pcs run, monthly zine. More TBA.
What to expect: The store is 400 square feet so it will be tight at times. I will have tents outside for people to chill under. This maybe much like a house show in the student ghetto but way less loud.
1. Dress warm–doors will be open and there will be heaps of people in-n-out.
2. I will have some new stuff but not much as most of the new stuff that was to come out with the store needed to be produced during the 2017 holiday season to ensure the best gifts for good people.
3. Metal The Store is a safe, hate free establishment. If you front you’ll just get hugged to death.
4. The swamp art installation is an area that is play at your own risk. There will be signs around the store that state that to anyone who enters.
5. Taking free stickers is encouraged and buying something is not mandatory.
Preemptively I want to thank the following people publicly for their help and support: My parents Fred and Chris Wieclaw, Grandma Grace Owen, all members of Music Is The Enemy and He-Goat plus Tony, Aces Tattoo crew, Ryan K., my girlfriend Rose and buddy Sebastian, Senida Core, Randy Smith, Will Geusz, Luke, Gary Salas and I Am Duke City, Terry Sells, Austin Farrar, Ruben, Peter Ortegel, Marc Coan Designs – kitchen / bath cabinets, Zoe M., The BGE, Ghost Horse Productions, Scott Penk, Albuquerque Downtown Growers’ Market, Rail Yards Market ABQ, the Albuquerque punk rock community, Defined Fitness, Lawrence Chavez, Michelle Hernandez, Lydia Fernandes, Kathy’s Carry Out, Zendo, Fractal Foundation, PMA, and anyone who ever accepted a maggot sticker from me.

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