The First Post.

Hey Friends, welcome to the new metalthebrand dot com! It is fully updated with all new product and I’m excited that it will help me with a lot i’ve been having trouble with. Let me know what you think!

First things first, are you on my email list? Click here to sign up. It will help me tell you when new cool stuff comes out and when Metal The Store will open.

Metal The Store was to open sometime in November; however, construction has taken longer than expected. I can tell you that i’ve begun getting new art ready between my friends and I. It’s going to be a stellar offering of what I consider to be really cool. The biggest undertaking of the store is Metal The Swamp, a 100 sqft art installation of a swamp with a ball pit but really a maggot pit. If you haven’t followed me on Instagram or facebook lately, you haven’t seen the moldings of my maggots. They will be here in time for opening and I’m really stoked to have it. My vision with it is to have people come in and get in the pool, having the maggots eat / rid you of badness.

Apart from the store, I have a lot of vending to do this holiday season. Check out my event dates page for more info so you can get all the cool stuff for your weird friends.

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